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Eureka! Serendipity and the power of positive thinking

Historically many important discoveries and findings have happened thanks to the magic of Serendipity.

Most of us do not know that there is a word to decribe the situation where something amazing is discovered or happens to us by coincidence and without intentions

In my life, serendipity, has happened in interesting ways. I started thinking about facts that change your life and that happen by coincidence when I was in Sri Lanka. Few month later, on the day I decided to start posting on my blog, I heard of Serendipity concept for the 1st time! I did little research about it and found that the origin of the term comes from the old name of the island Sri Lanka! The origin of this word is my favourite part of it as it comes from the traditional story from Horace Walpole “The Three Princes of Serendip” talking about the adventures of the princeses that we solving all their problems thanks to amazing coincidences. The princesses were from the old island of Serendip, which is called nowadays Sri Lanka, which by coindicence again is one of my favourite places in the world and where I developed a strong feeling of love for curiosities and learning about new ways of life and cultures.

This amazing coincidence made me think of finally starting this blog taking it seriously. It had to be a sign.

Serendipity, the idea of living not knowing if what will happen on the following second will change our lives forever. Energy is all around, inside and outside. Positive thinking will attract positive energy. I hope serendipity catches me being positive 😉



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